Group Show

weliveinnewyorkandla Gallery will present a group exhibition featuring various artists from the surrounding areas. An opening reception will be held on Saturday, November 2nd, from 4 pm-9 pm.

Six artists featured in the show: Jarrod Bunk, Patrick Quinn, Erin Codey, Ben Lusk, Sawyer Eberhart, and Jordan Rhoat. The artwork in the show includes a wide range of media, such as illustration, painting, metalworking, sculpture, collage, and photography.

Most of the young, participating artists have built their careers and lifestyles around an artistic passion. Jarrod Bunk owns a bicycle shop, Hope Cyclery in downtown Johnstown, PA. Along with donating bikes to those in need, Jarrod also travels around the country as a photographer and journalist for a cycling magazine, The Radavist. Patrick Quinn is the executive director at the Center for Metal Arts in Johnstown, PA, where he teaches the resident blacksmithing classes and coordinates the visiting artist workshops. Patrick was a 2015 Niche award winner and has exhibited work internationally. Erin Codey is a public school teacher of small children whose work can get even tinier, with precise detail. Ben Lusk is a self-taught illustrator. He puts more miles on his bicycle than most do on their cars, drawing on his phone or paper, the people and places he encounters. Jordan Rhoat is the director of the Loysburg Art Gallery, where he has a studio. Rhoat received his BFA in painting from Maryland Institute College of Art in 2008. Last but not least, Sawyer Eberhart, a promising young eight-year-old artist in Pittsburgh, PA. Sawyer has won art awards at her school two years in a row.

All are invited to attend the free opening reception for art, food, and refreshments. weliveinnewyorkandla Gallery, formerly the Loysburg Post-Office, is located at 1630 Woodbury Pike, Loysburg, PA 16659.